Mission critical chemical storage buildings – NFPA code compliant solutions to support your mission

U.S. Chemical Storage has a comprehensive range of customizable chemical and lithium
battery charging buildings. With an industry leading 15 year structural warranty – we’re ready
to meet the varied requirements and operational demands of today’s Armed Forces. 

Key Benefits

  • Improve military preparedness operations with 24/7 storage access for your unit

  • We can customize our buildings to any dimension or layout needed, from 6 x 6-ft to multiple section custom modulars

  • Significant cost savings compared to traditional on-site construction for POL and TEMP storage

  • NFPA code compliant solutions for your specific storage requirements

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Explore our chemical storage

building customizations.

We are global.

  • We can meet the requirements for international locations including 50 Hertz electrical options

  • We ship all over the world and support global requirements with a code compliant solution

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